• Hints are available if someone is not able to find a particular word.
  • Unlimited number of puzzles. A new puzzle every time you play.
  • Increasing level of difficulty - easy, medium, hard. Words are spelled even in reverse in the hard level.
  • Few sections are free. The remaining can be unlocked via a single in-app purchase.
Puzzles for small kids:
  • Over 280 words in sections like foodstuff, animals, birds, insects, transport, people, colors, numbers, etc. Every word is depicted with a picture. It's name is spoken aloud. Thus small children will learn to speak the words, identify them from pictures and spellings, etc.
Puzzles for big kids:
  • Over 780 words with additional sections including countries, beach, world capitals, musical instruments, farm, trees, Christmas, Halloween, days, months, Sports, etc. Here pictures and sounds aren't there so that big children who already know their words can play faster. The levels and words are tougher.
Why will Parents love this game?
  • Kids will be busy with something that will enhance their knowledge and sharpen their brain.
  • Kids will learn new words faster with this game.
  • Kids can play on their own as it is very kid-friendly.
Why will kids love this game?
  • Kids love puzzles and they would try to find out every word in whatever way possible.
  • The game is very simple to play. Just swipe the words with fingers.
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