• Free to download and try out.
  • Solutions available for practice problems
  • 1st 2 levels free in both modes. Remaining 8 available via single in-app purchase.
  • Just right for math of grades 2-6.
Two Modes: Each mode has 10 levels of difficulty.
  • Practice: Learn how to do long division with remainders starting with simple division. Unlimited problems in every level.
  • Test: Take division tests with 10 problems each in every level. Different problems every time you play.
How kids of grade 2 to 6 can benefit?
  • Easily learn long division (with and without remainders) with step-by-step instructions (spoken aloud).
  • Solve division problems like a game and try to cross every level of difficulty.
  • Use the same app again and again to get new problems all the time.
  • Easy problems for kids just learning division and difficult problems for kids who already know division.
  • Kids will learn what the terms mean: quotient, remainder, dividend and divisor.
Why parents will love the app?
  • It is fun to use and play. The child can learn and practice division all alone.
  • Funny animations will keep the child hooked.
  • Every step, problem and answer is spoken aloud to reinforce learning in a child.
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