• 10 crosswords are free to play in each of the 5 levels. Total 50 crosswords free!
  • The remaining 450 crosswords (90 in each level) are available through a single in-app purchase.
Why will children adore this app?
  • 500 different crossword puzzles to solve in 5 levels.
  • Hundreds of words and cute pictures to identify.
  • The interface is very easy to use.
  • No stress of time running out. Play at your own pace.
  • Pictures/words of animals, fruits, vegetables, people, sea life, everyday objects, birds, etc. just add to the fun.
Why will parents love this app totally?
  • Kids will learn new words. They will learn to spell words, pronounce them and identify from pictures.
  • Totally fun to play. Kids will spend hours all alone without needing anyone with them.
  • Kids will learn playing interactive games.
  • Kids will love learning new words.
  • The app is ideal for kids in the age group 5-10 years.
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